Cruising the streets of

Sarasota Florida

Frozen Goodness on Wheels

Served Baltimore Style

The Baltimore Snowball truck cruises the streets of Sarasota and surrounding counties serving Baltimore style snowballs available in over 24 flavors.

Follow our Tweets to discover where we plan to throw the van in park and hang out for a few. Want us to hang out in your hood? Let us know.

Snowball Flavors

Regular $3 • Large $4

  • Egg Custard

  • Tiger's Blood

    Fruit blends

  • Lemon Lime

  • Sour Blue Raspberry

  • Grape

  • Chocolate

  • Root Beer

  • Pink Cotton Candy

  • Cherry Cola

  • Red Cherry

  • Wild Cherry

  • Mango

  • Piña Colada

  • SpongeBob

    Tropical blends

  • Sky Blue

  • Sour Blueberry

  • Sour Green Apple

  • Blue Cotton Candy

  • Cola

  • Pink Lemonade

  • Pineapple

  • Red Raspberry

  • Blue Raspberry

  • Coconut

  • Bahama Mama

  • Combo

    Create your own

Creamy marshmallow topping – $1
Creamy marshmallow filling -$1
Chocolate topping – $1
Filling and topping – $1.5
Our snowballs are gluten free
All snowballs are handmade with ♥

Baltimore to Sarasota

In June of 2014, Eric Garfield a native of Baltimore, relocated and opened Baltimore Snowball Factory in downtown Sarasota. Eric wanted to share his love for the snowball he grew up enjoying during the hot and humid Baltimore summers, with residents of the sunshine state.

A Baltimore-style snowball consists of coarse, crunchy ice flavored with sweet syrup poured on top and served in a white foam cup, accompanied by a long plastic spoon. Creamy marshmallow, or chocolate syrup top off the creation.

A Baltimore-style snowball is not Italian ice, a snow cone, sno-ball, shaved ice and certainly not a Slushie."

In mid-summer of 2016 Eric decided to take his business on the road. He regrettably closed up his brick and mortar location and purchased a van. After several weeks of customization, he hit the streets of Sarasota with an offering of over 24 flavors.

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